יום שני, 16 בנובמבר 2009

Slovenia in seven days.

This time we choose Slovenia for our annual vacation..
Focusing on the dramatic views, lots of trips, both by foot and by the car we have rented.
Leaving time for kids play and fun.
Oops, almost forgot we have 2 boys in the ages of 6 and 9, both of them are experienced hikers.

In the following lines I'm going to describe our track, the B & B that we have visited and I highly recommend, give some tips, picture of places and more.

Our guidlines for a good family trip:
- Since it’s all about having fun both for you and the kids, we have decided to avoid risks, such as looking for a B&B on the same day, so we have booked it all from home by mail. It works great for us. No disappointments.
- Since we don't like crowded places, we found B&B that is not in the middle of the touristic centers, but not too far from them. This also brought a major money saving.
- We have visited the most touristic spots early in the morning before the buses arrived.
- Take every thing you need for a pleasent vacation: GPS, DVD player for the kids, games...
- Number 1 rule no one allowed to angry for more the five minutes :-).

Trip time:
We chose August due to kid’s school limitations.

Places that we visited:
- Bled and surroundings: the lake, castle, villiges around Vintgar Gorge...
- Bohini, Vogel mountain, Mostnitza.
- Logarska Dolina, Slap Rinka, Robanov Kot.
- Ljubljana

Ready? Let's go..

Arriving to Ljunliana:

If you are going to land in Ljubliana Airport at the hot season after 22:00, think about leaving one of your family members for baggage claim while the other will cross the road to the car rental station.
After 22:00 there is only one representative and the queue may take some time.

First night:
Right after getting the car and setting our GPS we start the short ride to the LJUBLJANA RESORT. Although it's just a 3 starts hotel it was truly great, the family room had 2 rooms, it was clean and comfortable and the breakfast was very nice.

First day - Bled lake and Bohinska bella:
Just after short packing and nice breakfast we started the 70Km drive to Bled.
Bled is known for the glacial Lake Bled, which makes it a major tourist attraction. Perched on a rock overlooking the lake is the iconic Bled Castle.
After the one hour drive, we want to have some fun with children and rent a wooden boat for 15 Euro.

After the trip to the nice island in the middle of the lake, you might want to enjoy some beverages in one of the lake side coffee shops.

I also recommend the trip to the castle, there is great view there, although the way up might be a little hard.

Accommodation (nights 2,3 and 4):

We stayed in the penzion-bevc located in the near, peaceful village.
The place is very nice and the place owner (Tomas) is welcoming and helpful, ask him about trips and restaurants. The cost in the high season was 66Euro per family room per night including breakfast.

View from our room:

The local market is good and cheap, you can get all kind of snacks for the kids there. 

2nd day - The car train, Kobarid and Vršič pass:

Car train was great experience both for us and the kids for more details see Car Train.
Some picture taken from the car train:

From Most na soci we drive to Kobarid which a small nice and colorful town and a good base for many trips and water sports.
We chose the track to Veliki Kozjak (waterfall), the water are freezing both it didn't stopped from jumping in.

From Kobarid we continue to the Vršič pass - Vrsic Pass is in the Julian Alps (and in Triglav National Park too) and it's also Slovenia's highest mountain pass at 1611m, the view is great!

3rd day - Lake Bohinj, mount Vogel and Mostnica waterfall:

Lake Bohinj is located about 17 Km from Bohinska bella and its " a must see ", so make sure you doesn't skip it. Itws the largest lake in Slovenia and if you ask me it most beautiful one.
Bohinj is an ideal starting point for day trips, for walks on the trails that run throughout the valley, and for mountaineering and climbing tours and offers ideal options and opportunities for rest and relaxation in all seasons.

Mount Vogel - To reach the slope you will take a cable-car to reach an altitude of 1535 meters. From the cable-cars top station you have a magnificent view over the lake, and the highest Slovenian mountain Triglav.

TIP - the restaurant on the mountain is well known for it's soups - I tried it and it was amazing.

Mostnica - This gorgeous canyon is located in the heart of the Triglav National Park and due to its tameness it is suitable for everyone.Starting at the pretty village of Stara Fužina, this walk explores the Mostnica Gorge (Mostnica Korita) and the meadows of the alpine Voje Valley as far as the Slap Mostnice waterfall (also known as Slap Voje).

Days 4 - 5 Vintgar Gorge and Logarska Dolina
Vintgar Gorge - The Vintgar gorge is one of the most popular natural features in Slovenia. From Bled the route leads north towards the village of Podhom. All along the road there are clear signs for Vintgar, and then by local roads the route leads to the entrance to the gorge itself (3.5 km from Bled). The gorge has been arranged for visitors for more than a hundred years. Along the narrow passage, where the Radovna river thrashes loudly against its rocky confines, there are paths, galleries and bridges constructed in the rock. The trail runs through the 1600 m long gorge.

TIP - The Vintgar Gorge is one of the most touristic sites in Slovenia. Make yourself a favor and start your trip no latter then 9:00 AM (better on 8:00 AM) before the tourist buses arrive.

Logarska Dolina - to my opinion its a paradise on earth and one of Slovenia highlights.
Logarska dolina is one of Europe’s most beautiful glacial alpine valleys. A tranquil walk in the valley and the surrounding area reminds us of the centuries-old harmony here between men and nature. Logarska dolina is an excellent starting point for hiking to the peaks of the Kamniške-Savinjske Alps or in the interesting immediate area.

Rinka waterfall is one of the most beautiful and popular waterfalls in Slovenia, if you start from the lowest part of the park the walk is long (can take up to 4 hours if you are walking with young kids) but the forest view is magical.
It is the highest waterfall of the 20 waterfalls in the Logarska valley.

Robanov Kot Valley near Logarska Dolina in the Savinja Alps. there is a nice path that may take up to an hour walk until getting to the Robanov farm house. they serve some local and tasty dishes. you should try the local beer (good and cheep).

TIP  - there are not too many restaurants in the area, and most of them close their kitchen very early (up to 20:00 PM in the high season), get your supper early!

Accommodation (nights 5 and 6):
We early to spend nights 5 and 6 in the heart of the Logarska Dolina park in a tourist farm named  Lenar.
It is a new house with beautiful rooms and great breakfast. The costs were 65 Euro per night.

Day 6 Skocjan Caves and an afternoon of fun in the farm house

Skocjan - The Škocjanske jame Regional Park is situated in the south-western part of Slovenia, in the region called Kras. The cave has an extremely complex system of cave passages in a total length of 5.8 km. The difference between the lowest and the highest point in the caves is 209 meters. The caves are the biggest and best known natural phenomenon within the classical Karst area. The kids enjoyed the cave very much.
I can't add any picture hear since its forbidden to take pictures at the cave.

Last eveninig in Slovenia - just after leaving the caves we head to our last B&B located nearby (10 minutes drive) at the TURISTIČNA KMETIJA HUDIČEVEC. We got a 2 rooms apartment fully equipped kitchen, but the best part was the huge park near the main house that included volley ball court, football court, play ground and 2 huge trampolines. We and the boys had a great after noon of fun and games.

TIP - Supper at the farm house is very tasty and unique.

Day 7 Ljubljana and back home:
After packing all our stuff and having a good breakfast at the farm house we had to Ljubljana .
I was really surprised after expecting a big metropolis, I've find out that Ljubljana is a nice an d calm city.
We started our visit at Trznica – Vodnik mrkest which very colorful and mainly based on fruits and veg.
There is a nice promenade very close to the markets with a lot of coffee shops.
Spending some more time until the flight we found our self in the BTC which is one of the biggest shopping centers in Europe.
After few hours of wondering around shops we found a nice (free of charge) play ground which the kids really liked.


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